Wallas Heaters
Quiet, Efficient, and Ecologically Friendly

Wallas heaters will make your boat or vehicle a better investment, allowing you to use it more than twice as many days per year than you probably do today. Set up properly, a Wallas boat heater will help dry your vessel’s interior and increase interior oxygen levels.

A Wallas heater is quiet, efficient and ecologically friendly. A Wallas heater can be installed in a variety of locations in either new or retrofit applications. Available in either diesel or kerosene models, Wallas boat heaters are the final word in fuel and energy efficiency.

Wallas heater marine heating systems are designed and intended for recreational use. Use in commercial, live-aboard or unattended use will result in excessive operating hours requiring maintenance and repair not covered by product warranty. Wallas offers a three year, 2,000 hour warranty, whichever comes first.


  • The measured sound level of Wallas is equivalent to a whisper in a library.
  • Laminar combustion assures that your neighbor’s boats can also enjoy the silence of nature.


  • Low power consumption enables you to keep your boat warm, even with a small battery capacity.
  • A Wallas diesel heater produces the most heating power per single Watt of electricity in its class.


  • 2+1 year warranty for all our products.
  • To ensure the highest quality, every single Wallas product is manually tested before delivery


  • Our high quality ventilation fans distribute heat evenly and effectively.