“The Saltwater Trailer” - Built for the long haul.

We know why our customers choose King Trailers.

“King Trailers outclass recreational service trailers. Over the years we have worked hard to optimize saltwater corrosion resistance and durability. King Trailers are built for the long haul.

When buying a boat trailer, be sure to compare the features built into King Trailers with the competition. We offer so many built-in special features we are able to deliver trailers our dealers are confident to offer and customers are happy to own. As our name has grown, so too has our impressive list of innovative features.”


King Bunk Tandem 4100LB B1
  • Approx. Boat Length Range: 20′-22′

  • Load Capacity: 4100

  • Approx. Over All Length: 25’3″

  • Approx. Over All Width: 102″

  • Width Between Fenders: 80″

  • Bow Eye To Transon Min: 17’10”

  • Bow Eye To Transom Max: 22″

  • Approx. Weight: 1090 #

  • Tire Size: ST175/80 RADIAL  13C

  • Tongue Jack: 1000 #

  • Number of Bunks: 4-10′ KING GLIDE

  • Coupler Size: 2″


2500 Bunk Trailer
  • Approx. Boat Length Range: 18-19′

  • Load Capacity: 2500

  • Approx. Over All Length: 21’8″

  • Approx. Over All Width: 102″

  • Width Between Fenders: 80″

  • Bow Eye To Transon Min: 15’10”

  • Bow Eye To Transom Max: 19″

  • Approx. Weight: 640 #

  • Tire Size: ST205/75 14CTongue

  • Jack: 1000 #

  • Number of Bunks: 2-10′

  • Coupler Size: 2-CL2″


King 1750LB Bunk
  • Approx. Boat Length Range: 16-18′

  • Load Capacity: 1725

  • Approx. Over All Length: 20″

  • Approx. Over All Width: 84″

  • Width Between Fenders: 67″

  • Bow Eye To Transon Min: 14’9′

  • Bow Eye To Transom Max: 18′ 2″

  • Approx. Weight: 475 #

  • Tire Size: ST175/80 13B

  • Tongue Jack: OPT

  • Number of Bunks: 2-8′ KING GLIDE

  • Coupler Size: 2″

Many speciality trailers available
King Trailers offers an exceptionally broad array of trailers to meet the needs of many types of watercraft. In addition to many configurations of v-bottom and flat bottom hulls, we also offer water vehicle, pontoon, utility and even an all new drift boat trailer. King Trailers offer broad adjustability to provide a custom fit to your boat. Count on King to put your boat on wheels!


The most important aspect in selecting the trailer you need is weight capacity. The proper trailer for your boat will carry the fully loaded weight of your boat plus approximately 10% overage for safety purposes.

To determine the weight of your boat add: the published dry weight (plus engine or engines if outboard powered), gas (gallons x 6.5 lbs) and water (gallons x 8.4lbs.), trolling motor, batteries, and loose gear. Plan ahead and add for camping gear if applicable! Compare the loaded (wet) weight to our available trailer models adding the 10 percent safety margin.

For example: 2200lb. Hull + 400lb. Outboard + 200lb. Fuel + 100lb. Batteries + 200lb. Loose gear = 3100 pounds.

The 3100-pound capacity trailer will carry the example load but will be at maximum capacity all the time. Adding a safety margin means that this load is more appropriate on either our 3700-pound capacity single axle or our 3500-pound capacity tandem axle model.

King Trailer model numbers correspond to their load capacity to make selecting the proper trailer easy.

Your required length should take into account the overall length of the boat and bow pulpit without adding for swim step. Our trailers will provide ample adjustment for length unless your boat is unusually light or heavy for its length. Check our specification page for “Bow Eye to Transom Min. and Max.” to confirm proper length for your hull.

Brakes are required on many trailers although laws vary from state to state. Please refer to your dealer or state trailer law websites for your local requirements. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to comply with all applicable laws. Check state laws here: http//

Rollers or Bunks?
Each system had its own advantages. Roller trailers will roll the boat off and on in lower tides or shallow ramps; bunk trailers will support more area under the hull. King Trailers’ new “Glide King” custom poly bunk surface provides the support of bunks with the launching and loading ease of rollers. Your dealer or the boats’ manufacturer can assist in weighing these and many other reasons to select one type of trailer over the other.

Final Fit
Once you have decided on the correct capacity, length and type of hull support the trailer must be fitted to the hull. This is often a relatively easy task, but since correct hull support and balance are critical for your hull and your safety we recommend the experts at your dealership perform the adjustments. Most dealers will add a minimal hourly fee or flat rate that is well worth the cost. Adjustment is not available through the factory.