Contest Gallery & Voting

  1. The voting period for the Summer Photo Contest begins June 1, 2018, and ends September 15, 2018.
  2. You are allowed to vote once for each photo.
  3. To vote, hover the computer cursor over the photo. A header with the image title and a footer with a star and total votes will appear on the photo. Click on the grey star on the left corner of the photo. The star will turn yellow indicating you have successfully voted for that photo.
  4. Photos in all three categories are equally eligible for winning 1st-3rd place prizes.
  5. Top three winners will be determined by total votes.
  6. Winners must collect their prizes in person at Willie’s Marine, 2281 Industrial Blvd. Juneau, Alaska.


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  1. Ships passing in the night–my choice–makes me want to come back to AK for the third time–last time I brought along all my children, grandchildren and spouses–next time we’ll be back to celebrate our 50th anniversary with two more grandchildren. There will still be one more (at least) grandchild to be the excuse for a 5th trip.

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